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discount on trellis doors

Need Safe and Secure Trellis Doors for your home?

Keep your home safe with a Trellis Door from Alumint.

In today’s world, ensuring the safety of your home is of utmost importance. That’s where Alumint comes into play, a leading sliding security door manufacturer that combines cutting-edge technology with smart design. We offer top-tier security, convenience, and style, all tailored to your needs with our Trellis Doors.

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Strength in Design
4 Sets of Diamond-Shaped Crosses

Alumint has you covered in safeguarding your home. Our expandable security doors boast four sets of standard flights cleverly designed in diamond-shaped crosses. This innovative approach ensures not only a sturdy structure but also an imposing deterrent for any potential intruders.

Built to Last
19mm x 19mm Single Upright Square Tubing

We make our doors from strong 19 x 19mm high grade steel square tubing to ensure durability. We select corrosion resistant material to endure outside forces, guaranteeing that your door will last for many years.

Double the Security
Slamlock and Hook Lock

Your peace of mind is our priority. That’s why our expandable security doors feature not one, but two robust locking mechanisms: a Slamlock and a Hook Lock. This extra layer of security ensures that your home remains safe and protected.

Saving Space: Not Sacrificing Security. 20% Stack-Away Design

Functionality meets convenience with our sliding security gate. When not in use, they occupy only about 20% of their extended size, maximising space without compromising on security.

Trellis Doors are Customised to Fit: Manufactured to Size

Every home is unique, and we appreciate that. That’s why we provide tailored solutions, ensuring that we manufacture our expandable security doors to fit your specific requirements perfectly. We offer various types of doors for different installations. These include trellis doors, sliding door security gates, and sliding door safety gates.

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 Sliding Door Prices
Affordable Security

Safety should be accessible to all. Our security gates for sliding doors are affordable and improve your home’s security without costing too much. Contact us today for a quote!

Trellis Gate
A Blend of Style and Security

Our trellis doors aren’t just about safety; they’re about style too. These doors protect your home and add a touch of sophistication to its exterior. It’s a perfect combination of security and aesthetics. Our expandable security gates are also available in all standard colours.

The Convenience of Sliding Security Gates 

Seeking sliding gates that offer both security and convenience? You can customize our expandable security doors to function as sliding gates, offering easy access to your property. The size depends on your needs, making it a versatile solution for any home.

Answering the Question: Do Alumint’s Trellis Doors Keep Your Home Safe?

Yes, absolutely. Trellis doors, like the ones crafted by Alumint, play a vital role in ensuring your home’s safety. They act as a formidable deterrent, making it incredibly challenging for unauthorised individuals to gain access.

Our strong security doors, with their strong build and double locks, give you confidence that your home is safe. Moreover, the elegant design of our trellis gates not only enhances your home’s aesthetics but also contributes to its overall security.

Alumint dedicates itself to making your home safer and more stylish. Our expandable security doors offers a secure barrier for your home and family.

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