aluminium doors

discount on aluminium doors

discount on aluminium doors

Looking for a manufacturer of Quality Aluminium Doors in Johannesburg?

Modernise your home with beautiful
Aluminium Doors from Alumint. 

We offer a range of different styles of aluminium doors to complement your home. Experience the perfect combination of style and practicality at an affordable price.

Popular Aluminium Door Styles We Install:
Sliding Doors | Hinge Doors | Front Doors | Folding Doors

aluminium sliding doors manufacturer

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Discover the ultimate space-saving solution for your home with sliding doors. Not only do they effortlessly open and close, but they also welcome a refreshing breeze during the summer.

Don’t worry about the cold months, as our aluminium sliding doors offer unbeatable energy efficiency when sealed shut.

With an array of stunning styles to choose from, transform your living space into a haven of beauty and functionality.

installers of hinged doors

Aluminium Hinge Doors

Upgrade your doorway with a high quality aluminium hinged door – the ultimate combination of durability, versatility, and modern style.

This popular choice in both residential and commercial buildings is designed with an aluminium door frame and hinges, allowing for a smooth and effortless swing open and closed.

installers of aluminium folding doors

Aluminium Folding Doors

Upgrade your space with the ultra-modern and highly functional stack doors. Our weather-proof aluminium stack doors are easy to open and close and provide enhanced security with their secure locking system.

With a wide range of styles, glazing options, and sizes, we ensure a perfect fit for your outdoor or indoor area.

Click now for a free estimate and discover that it’s more affordable than you imagined!

We offer a range of different styles of aluminium doors to compliment your home.

Upgrade your home or office with the best doors on the market. Discover the unmatched durability, safety, and beauty of our aluminium products. Make the smart choice today. Contact Alumint for all your Aluminium Window and Door Requirements!

alumint aluminium and glass installers

Get your free quote and product advice.

We will love to speak to you and help you with a free on-site quote at your home or office. We will measure and give you expert advice on all the different aluminium door and window styles available and the best to suit your home or office.

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